It has been a while since our Yzzy from”Easy with Yzzy” visited the Pilatus Mountain. Dragon World. Pilatus is the mountain of Dragons. Pilatus Railway (world's steepest cogwheel railway) Pilatus, also often referred to as Mount Pilatus, is a mountain massif overlooking Lucerne in Central Switzerland. Seit dem 4. The dragon has landed at Fräkmüntegg, and now the fabled Mount Pilatus has gained an extra special highlight. November 2019 bietet die Pilatus-Bahnen AG auf dem Kulm für Ihre Besucher eine weitere Attraktion - die Dragon World. Sit, relax, glide and enjoy the Dragon Glider from Fräkmüntegg to the Drachenalp. A ten metre long and five metre wide dragon – in the spectacular moveart design. Great for kids. Dragon World on the top of Mount Pilatus! There are a lot of legends about Pilatus mountain. Pilatus-Bahnen AG developed this concept together with erlebnisplan AG. Can you become the alpha dragon and rule the battlefield? It was believed that in medieval times that there were dragons with healing powers that live in the rugged clefts and crevices of the Mount Pilatus. Dragon Glider. BURRI and moveart provided the finished product within a short timeframe. The majestic and massive Mount Pilatus is a nature’s gem of a mountain, which is located in Central Switzerland and overlooks Lucerne. New on Pilatus: “Dragon World” 21/11/2019. It is composed of several peaks, of which the highest (2,128.5 m ... Pilatus: Mountain of Dragons. If you decide to have even more fun on the way back, then you should take the world’s steepest cogwheel railway. At least in a virtual way: as of now, visitors to the Pilatus Kulm get a chance to find out all about – and experience – the dragon legend. But it is up to you to use them perfectly. Pilatus Dragons in the regions of Mount Pilatus~ The Mountain itself is quite grand at a height of 2132 feet above sea level. The dragon from the Pilatus legend is alive! Erlebe und erfahre in der neuen «Dragon World» auf Pilatus Kulm in einem faszinierenden Rundgang die Drachensaga. In Dragon World, you control a mighty dragon and fight battles against other dragons. A newly opened attraction at Pilatus. Dragon World game - control a mighty winged beast. It may not breathe fire, but it’s still hot: the “Dragon Ride” aerial cableway whizzes from Fräkmüntegg straight to Pilatus Kulm, over 2,132 m above sea level. Go over trees … Lina Petraviciute. Welcome to an interactive dragon filled experience through games and special effects. It goes all the way down to Alpnachstad, which is on the other side of … Es ist soweit - die neue DRAGON WORLD auf Pilatus Kulm ist eröffnet! Willkommensbereich der Dragon World - Eine digitale Dracheninszenierung mit interaktiven Erlebnissen, Videomappings und interaktiven Games rund um den Pilatus-Drachen. Der Drache aus der Pilatus-Sage ist auferstanden, zumindest virtuell. Your dragon can shoot devastating fireballs and fire breaths that can crush your opponents.