I hang out a lot on Reddit. FACT CHECK: CIA Director Gina Haspel Found Dead, FACT CHECK: Kwik Trip Launches “Kwik Strip” Gentlemen’s Clubs, FACT CHECK: Burisma Admitted to Paying Bribe to Joe Biden. ? But how do you measure the two? We also love the pictures of fun times she shared with Matt and Kelly Stafford. By typing from:anyhandle in the Tweetdeck search box and another search term you can find previous tweets. SMWine Consulting began with the idea of assisting other restaurants with their wine programs with the same attention to detail, quality, and staff training that she has learned through her 10+ years of Boston restaurant experien Thinking audience-first in how people will find stories. Guiding a broad offering of stories that appeal to large numbers of people, That includes evergreen content that delivers long-tail audiences, Shepherding in-depth, quality reporting that delights and keeps readers returning, Developing series to attract loyal readers, SEO, social, email newsletter, and off-platform strategies, Working with product to ensure sites and platforms are optimised for search, Ensuring the brands host conversations and communities to keep people engaged and connected, Search / SEO. Don’t simply measure your success by follower count, look at mentions and other engagements. Now you have found interesting people to follow, it’s time to start engaging. The role was fairly similar – though needed less explaining to fellow journalists – when I joined The Wall Street Journal as a social media editor in December 2013. Facebook pixel allows sites to track user journeys. Online News Association @ONAA member organisation that’s behind the key conference that’s a date in every US digital journalist’s diary. Sarah Marshall Is Long Forgotten. (This ones for you @kbhall82 #WhiteTee), A post shared by Sarah Ryan (@sryan03) on Feb 19, 2015 at 7:51am PST. Hamilton’s team is therefore working out what motivates a reader to get out a debit card and become a member. Join Facebook to connect with Sarah Marshall and others you may know. David Holmes @spikefodderJournalism lecturer at Sheffield. Look at example Moments on desktop and on mobile. Chasing clicks, chasing scale. I’m advertising for a maternity cover and state in the ad that the primary function of my role as “responsible for audience development strategy, guidelines and a consistent approach to headlines, content packaging and SEO and identifying editorial opportunities based on audience data.”. Though Ryan’s wife shares a name with Kristen Bell’s character from the 2008 movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall, the real Sarah Marshall is a former basketball star who has sports running through her veins. He’s ex New York Times, Reuters and Mashable. Everyone understands pageviews and how they can affect them. George Brock @georgeprofProfessor of journalism at City University (so of course you should be following him, City students). The “read lift” is most increased in countries with slow page-load speeds. We need to know the top-level goals of an organisation before we can devise an audience strategy. But how to find these quality audiences? James Ball @jamesrbukJames is one of Buzzfeed UK’s star reporters and has an impressive reporting career; from the Grocer (I seem to remember) via Wikileaks, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism and the Guardian. You can see others by Googling “Twitter search” and clicking the link to the operators. Instagram handle: @sarah_marshall__ Image: Channel Seven. Creative Commons. ), https://graph.facebook.com/?id=https://www.vogue.com/article/see-prince-harry-and-meghan-markle-official-wedding-portraits. Here’s an interview from 2009 with Alex Gubbay, the first social media editor at the BBC, explaining what his role would be. Here are three examples from the past 10 days: Now you have these tips, create a strategy for your own Twitter use. Not the modern journalism course timetable. media organizations Sarah is pursuing a dual degree in Environmental Studies and Physics at Dartmouth College. Jon also pointed out that you can force a re-scrape. I still agree with my definition from a couple of years ago and expand it to say the field involves identifying a target audience and reaching those people and keeping them engaged. How is your news organisation measuring Facebook performance? Here are my notes from a Facebook-led workshop. You can use Tweetdeck to schedule tweets. Mindy McAdams @maclooA digital journalism professor. If the aim is to reach a particular type of audience (student journalists in the case of Interhacktives.com, for example), the content has to be tailored to the desired audience’s needs. He’s now chief digital officer of New York City. Alison Gow @alisongowAllison is digital innovation editor for Trinity Mirror Regionals. Sarah Marshall (solo exhibition), Paperworkers Local, Birmingham, Ala., Jan. 16-Feb. 29 Works on Paper by Paperworkers Local, Georgine Clarke Alabama Artists Gallery, Montgomery, January 13-March 20 As Jon pointed out, if OG tags are not set – i.e. Celebrity. Facebook Live videos tend to hold people’s attention for longer, Corcoran said. Getting the newsroom to take actionAudience development is also about the internal relationships, Kaplan said, and communication within the newsroom. Here are a few more thoughts from Hamilton and Kaplan on the term of audience engagement/development. Facebook doesn’t make this easy. Nick Garnett @NickGarnettBBCBBC reporter who has pioneered iPhone reporting, follow Nick for tips on audio and video (and news from the north of England). Again, this is where a data dive can help, working out who these potential subscribers are, the time of day they read, the type of content they spend time on, for example. It can support your editorial planning and you can use it to run data analysis post publication. #TBT, A post shared by Sarah Ryan (@sryan03) on Aug 31, 2017 at 1:32pm PDT, When you both agree on where you want to eat… #MCM #YouHadMeAtSushi, A post shared by Sarah Ryan (@sryan03) on Feb 27, 2017 at 8:43am PST. You can find Sovereign on Twitter and on Instagram. (*I should note here that my title is now audience development editor for Europe, Middle East and Africa at The Wall Street Journal.). But the somewhat confusingly titled ‘share_count’ actually includes all engagements (reactions, comments and shares). She recently took to Instagram to reveal that the couple are expecting twins! Marshall’s fan following is steadily rising on Instagram. Facebook Analytics (not the same as the Facebook Page Insights) helps sites understand how people interact with content across Facebook and owned and operated sites and apps. This will mean that you don’t miss messages and you can see when others are engaging with you (below left). And I often make professional links public so that my followers can see them. So this story has had a low number of reader shares, I high number of page shares. He’s now social and new formats editor at the Guardian. I’m encouraging this year’s cohort (studying the MA in interactive journalism) to use Facebook to share their stories. Here are a few accounts to follow for news on the news industry. Poynter @PoynterImportant reading for industry news. The FT talks a lot about “quality reach”. Richard Sambrook @sambrookProfessor of journalism at Cardiff. She quotes Thomas McBee, Quartz’s inaugural director of growth. What will your beat or beats be? Parse.ly’s “cheat sheet” has five data project ideas. Learn From This: Forgetting Sarah Marshall July 19, 2013 by Dr. NerdLove 8 Comments As half my readership heads off to Nerdi Gras to sit in line for three days in hopes of getting into the Hunger Games 2: Hungry Like the Wolf panel at Hall G, I am contentedly sitting at home and enjoying the brief spate of incredible weather here in Austin. can think about what Adam Tinworth @addersBlogger, digital journalist, trainer, consultant (and familiar face to those on the Interhacktives course), Alberto Cairo @albertocairoData visualisation journalist. This is useful as it can guide as to the type of content that is “prime for sharing”. Every resident of Amherst who cares about social justice and equity, and anyone with a connection to our local and regional schools, should be alarmed by data shared at … Why Did She Retire from ABC7? This class also looked at social media guidelines and we discussed. Ricardo Bilton @rbiltonRicardo was a pleasure to read when he was writing about the media industry for Digiday. This will mean your profile will show in search results of others are looking for City students. We have the scoop on Matt Ryan’s wife in our Sarah Marshall wiki. Analyse what people share vs. what they read. Discussing this tactic, Jon shared some interesting data points. As this 2014 Digiday article notes, “The New York Times’ Innovation Report pointed out the need for audience-development specialists to get Times content in front of more readers.”. And then there is driving subscriptions and marketing other products like events and commerce.”, Blogging about an ONA conference on audience development in 2016, I offered this definition of audience development. Sarah Marshall grew up in Oregon and Hawaii and earned an MFA in fiction at Portland State University. In 2014 I wrote how engagement is key to keeping people returning to a news site or brand. 35 / 0. Analysts from two popular data platforms have published whitepapers, both of which include some great tips on making the most of data in the newsroom. Ana and Sarah discuss misconceptions about the history of the holiday, and how it turned into the capitalist dystopian hell we all know and love. Participation is something The Guardian is known for, whether soliciting reader photos or listening to comments. In addition to basketball, she was also a soccer player and track athlete. She will soon be joining the NFL twins club with one of her best friends, Kelly Stafford, wife of quarterback Matt Stafford. Engaged Time and Recirculation are what we call balanced metrics. Charlie Hunnam is a very popular American actor, best known for the serious characters he portrays on-screen. Join us and guest Sovereign Syre as we talk about National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Recent Exhibitions. Politics? Journalism.co.uk @journalismnewsFor news on innovations in the digital news industry (disclosure, it’s my former home). She is interested in climate change mitigation at the international level and has conducted both policy work in Washington, D.C. and meteorology research in Alaska. You would think that in this case it would be 997 minus 935. Know that in 2017, Twitter made the decision expand its character limit from 140 to 280. I’ve since exchanged emails with Facebook and here is how you look at shares. For NowThis shorter copy works best. What an exciting time to be a Falcons fan! This 2017 Digiday article explains the current climate – and how audience development a focus for both the newsroom and for the commercial side of the business. The move by Facebook to prioritise friend and family posts over those from news organisations and brands was announced in January. You will have noted the rise in Google traffic in the charts above, Email newsletters, which offer direct relationships with audiences, Diverse and distributed traffic, including Flipboard, Pinterest, Upday, for example. Felicity Morse @FelicityMorseA joy to follow for her humour, Felicity is a digital editor at the Independent. Pop culture? A social media editor also plays a role in increasing the brand awareness of a publication. “We want a relationship that is valuable enough to show a propensity to subscribe,” Kaplan said. This figure shows some This algorithm change particularly hit VC-funded, ad-supported news startups including Mashable, Vice and Buzzfeed. Whereas the newsroom wants to maximize the reach and impact of its journalism, the sales side is rewarded for growing ad revenue, which could lead it to prioritize certain audience segments over others. An advantage of the pageview metric for Hamilton? In my view, there should be three parts: a content strategy, a distribution strategy, and a community or engagement strategy. You can simply lurk and ‘like’ a few tweets. As a trainee journalist you need to think about how you present yourself. https://developers.facebook.com/tools/explorer/?method=GET&path=%3Fid%3Dhttps%3A%2F%2Fwww.vogue.com%2Farticle%2Fsee-prince-harry-and-meghan-markle-official-wedding-portraits%26fields%3Dengagement&version=v3.0. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit and other social platforms have been an important source of traffic to news sites. As head of audience growth I spend a lot of time guiding headline changes. FACT CHECK: Fisher-Price to Sell “Peaceful Protest” Playset, Charlotte Wilder Wiki: Facts about the Fox Sports Writer, Joelle Gamble Wiki: Age, Parents, and Facts about Joe Biden’s New Economic Adviser, Ylan Mui Bio: Wiki, Age, Husband, Kids, Ethnicity and Facts about the CNBC Correspondent, Reem Amara Wiki: Facts about Patrick Flueger’s Girlfriend, Simon Guobadia Wiki: Age, Net Worth, Family and Facts about New “RHOA” Star, Falynn Guobadia’s Husband, Justin Marcel McManus Wiki: Facts about the Actor on “Power Book II: Ghost”. But now the question facing publishers is how to ensure it serves all sides of the business, whose interests often conflict.”, “Once a role that mainly focused on SEO, audience development has become more complicated because of the explosion of ways publishers can find and distribute content, from their own platforms such as newsletters and apps to external ones such as social media outlets and bots.”, “At the most fundamental level, both the business and edit sides want to reach new and existing audiences. One of the Interactive Journalism students asked how to grow follower numbers, particularly if you are starting from a small base. I thoroughly recommend downloading both papers (you don’’;t have to be a Parse.ly or Chartbeat client). This will likely include longform content, informative articles that helps a person in their job or learn about an interest, and it may include series or franchises which promote familiarity and repeat visits. Jason Segel's Five-Year Engagement has too much mush, not enough chemistry, only a handful of laughs—and it goes on almost as long as the title suggests. As a subscription title, the FT is looking to attract audiences who will pay a monthly fee. This list may be a little out of date as I compiled it a couple of years ago. If you only read one point in this list, make it the first. Start by sharing the stories you find interesting. Brian Stelter @brianstelterA former New York Times media reporter. “29% of email signups are from this channel,” Jon said. Journalism Jobs @journalismjobsJobs advertised on Journalism.co.uk. The list can also be a way of ensuring you keep track of key industry news by using it in Nuzzel, a smart app (that the New York Times has invested in). The question to answer, Hamilton said, is “what’s the loyal behaviour that will drive people to become members?”. “News Feed offers on average over 3,500 stories a day per person,” he said. Her impressive senior year stats show that she averaged 20.0 points, 5.5 rebounds, and 5.9 assists. I’m a guest lecturer on the Interactive Journalism MA at City University London. What will your approach be? The Ryans announced Sarah’s pregnancy in November 2017, but there were some complications along the way.Sarah was put on hospital bed rest in January 2018 due to pregnancy complications. I split my Facebook contacts into two as an experiment last year, thinking the majority of my real-world friends wouldn’t be interested in some of the journalism news-related links I share, and feeling that my professional contacts wouldn’t want to see baby pictures. We also see an encouraging correlation between users’ Engaged Time and their loyalty to a site. Now those are some impressive numbers! When a brand page posts a link and people share that post; When a reader finds the link to a story (perhaps from email / Twitter / a messaging app) and posts it to her Facebook feed). Know the most useful Twitter search. Sarah graduated from the University of Chicago with a Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies. Tweeting from an event where others are following the hashtag or jumping on a trending topic with a hashtag should ensure you pick up followers. Logan Marshall-Green and his wife Diane are getting a divorce and she has accused him of cheating.. Ideally you will have a headshot photo and a bio that explains who you are. By going to the article, using the CrowdTangle browser extension (free and available to all), I can see that the Vogue page and the Vogue Runway page have posted this story 6 times. Looking back at this picture Marshall posted in June makes us wonder if she knew something ahead of time. Meet the conservation hero saving Zimbabwe's animals, both big and small By Sarah Marshall 3 Dec 2020, 11:39am. “Data is not isolated, it’s part of everyone’s job.” she added. When you tweet a journalist’s story you may include his or her @handle. These sections are prime for additional social distribution efforts. Here’s a pro tip for you, if you want to add bullet points to a tweet, you can do so by using the alt + 8 shortcut (on a Mac). Boston College recruited Sarah, and she started as a point guard for three years. Again, it’s been four years since I blogged about the Facebook debugger. 4505 S. Maryland Pkwy. IA was launched as a response to a poor user experience. 55% of all pageviews get less than 15 seconds of attention — and yet the pageview is often privileged as the most important metric. Measuring those relationshipsAudience development is about putting a metric to those relationships so that everyone in the newsroom can understand that relationship, Kaplan added. Audience growth, in my view, relies on a three-part strategy: And all of the above are underpinned with data. Follow sources of news on digital journalism (see point 3) and share stories by tweeting quotes or key facts. I’m at the Global Editors Network Summit in Lisbon. Jon pointed out that Facebook has three acquisition tools for newsletter signups. I did use the system for a while but rarely use it now. This is also where you create a Moment. High ratios mean that many of the people viewing the article decided to share it. The Guardian is on a drive to encourage people to pay a monthly membership fee. Ryan and Marshall met when they were both 18 years old and studying at Boston College. Parse.ly’s provided good ideas on data projects and Chartbeat’s explains what engaged time means for ad viewability. Facebook Analytics can answer questions such as “do people who follow us on Facebook spend more time on site?”, Publishers can also use Facebook Analytics to analyse multiple Facebook pages and look at how many people follow more than one of a publisher’s pages. Brandon McMillan Leaving “Lucky Dog”: Why Did the Host Leave? “40% of link clicks from News Feed are in the IA format.” Jon said. A distribution strategy will include an SEO strategy, Facebook strategy, email newsletter strategy and aggregators such as Flipboard. Facebook is “still in the learning and testing phase”, testing inline vs interstitial ads, for example. Students were asked to develop and audience strategy for Interhacktives.com, the site they will manage and write for during the next nine months. And remember, attribute facts and cite sources. The news industry has moved beyond the simple measure of pageviews in recent months and years. Joseph Lichterman @ylichtermanYou’ll become familiar with Joseph’s byline. https://www.example.com?utm_source=Facebookpage. They were asked what the overall goal of the site was and to decide on three or four KPIs. They key is to add columns in the order that they are most useful to you. (At Vogue International we do this using PublishCheck, an analytics tool.). Paul Bradshaw @paulbradshawJournalism lecturer, data expert and behind a number of educational e-books. That might mean commissioning a story that plays into a Pinterest trend, for example. As an example, we searched for a list relating to Hackney. Once KPIs have been set (such as unique users or loyal users, for example), the next step is to create an audience strategy. But there have been positive stories for some publishers this year. Steve Buttry @stevebuttrySteve’s an educator who has been generous in his sharing of training notes. Facebook has served over 10 million email opt-ins across publishers, Jon said. 5,311 Followers, 554 Following, 187 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from S A R A H M A R S H A L L (@sarah_marshall___) I urge you to follow far and wide and to venture outside of the media bubble. As Jon explained, pixel tracks cross-platform and cross-device journeys as people (i.e. Le chanteur Richard Anthony est mort cette nuit à l'âge de 77 ans. He’s a staff writer at Nieman. ... Jack Marshall @JackMarshall So I have to click through to the 6 Facebook posts to look at the total shares from page actions and then take that number away from 997. She’s about to take the lead role for Moments. Facebook also has an Instant Articles product for subscriber publications, currently in alpha. Follow a few folk from those lists and see who follows back. This shows that you are listening and gets your name out there. This covers: News organisations started to introduce social media editors about a decade ago to gather and distribute news via social, predominantly using Facebook and Twitter. This gives tweets from Hackney councillors to Philip Glanville, the Mayor of Hackney, that contain questions. Or as Jon Heaton, who is based in London and leads the Facebook EMEA Media Partner Engineering team, put it these are “12 tactics or ideas you can use to test, measure and learn”. As Hamilton put it, the audience development team should ask and answer the following questions: “Know your strategy, prioritise ruthlessly,” Hamilton said when asked to give a key takeaway at the end of the session. For example, a site may adda tage that would look something like this to the end of each URL posted to the Facebook page. She’s ex FT and behind the Buzzfeed News app. A social media editor may respond to comments or take an action as simple as liking an Instagram post or Facebook comment, showing the reader the news brand is listening. But “pageviews are super important”, Hamilton said. You can do this by studying the consumption habits of fans of the page versus non-fans. The title of audience development editor is relatively new. You might want to track how people engage with a button or a respond to a call to action like a newsletter signup, he suggested. For those who want to separate their personal and professional lives, I’m suggesting they create lists. And social, audience and growth roles have shifted with the algorithms. Lucia Moses @lmoses Senior editor at Digiday. Thomas Baekdal @baekdalAstute media watcher. Before she settled down with Matt, she tore up the Maine basketball record books. It’s worth noting that the Facebook Mentions app (designed for verified public figures) allows you to separate personal and professional by letting you to share updates with people who follow you but not with friends. Born in Portland, Maine on July 23, 1985, according to her Boston College Eagles bio, making Sarah Marshall’s age 32. This uses Graph API v3. Corcoran shared trends discovered by diving into Newswhip’s social database. Elana Zak @elanazakElana grew a following while a student (in the UK). Until recently he was at News Corp. He’s now CEO of Gizmodo Media Group. Perry Hewitt @perryhewittCreator of a Friday roundup of 5 links to emerging technologies and cool stuff. Ex Guardian. Jason Segel wrote the part of Forgetting Sarah Marshall's Aldous Snow for Charlie Hunnam, not Russell Brand, but when Hunnam backed out, it caused friction in the Judd Apatow inner circle. And, of course, audiences may be engaged off platform. How do you see if a particular news story has more page shares or more friend shares? Here is my advice on how to get to grips with Tweetdeck: Tweetdeck acts as a personal newswire. Another project idea from Parse.ly encourages you to calculate the average engaged time per visitor by looking at the pageview : engaged time ratio. Sarah Marshall’s Instagram is filled with pictures of her main man. Stacy-Marie Ishmael @s_m_iStacy is a community builder, app creator and all round enabler. Media Briefing @mediabriefA news site covering the business side of journalism. Chris Sutcliffe @chrismsutcliffeNews editor for the Media Briefing. The first option is paid media (i.e. Minimal Theme designed by Artur Kim. Mark Frankel @markfrankel29Social media editor of BBC News. October 26, 2018 ... Instagram and Twitter comments, for example, to host and engage your audience. Aron Pilhofer @pilhoferAron led the social and interactive team at the New York Times before a two-year stint as executive editor at the Guardian. the metrics are saying I’ve just started a new term as a visiting lecturer at City University, London. He’s worked on the biggest leaks and investigations of the 21st century, including the NSA revelations. One topic that student journalists should be interested in is digital journalism. I see my teaching role as equipping the trainee journalists with those skills so they are employable on graduating from the MA in 9 months’ time. I won’t write a long guide here as there are great resources online, but know that it is a powerful content discovery and social monitoring tool. The Huffington Post uses the CTAs within IA, for example. Kevin Anderson @kevglobalMedia consultant who’s done time at the Guardian, BBC and Gannett. For example, posting more, might increase reach, Jon said. You might want to set up alerts so you can see every tweet from a particular account. Ian Burrell @iburrellPreviously the Independent’s media reporter. The couple met at BC while both were ripping it … #19thHole #ComfortStations #TBT, A post shared by Sarah Ryan (@sryan03) on May 19, 2016 at 8:41am PDT. Often going overboard with one metric, such as trying to boost Recirculation with slideshows will reduce Engaged Time. 4. View the profiles of people named Sarah Marshall. She kept her basketball dreams alive, although in a non-playing capacity. Text. If I have missed an account you feel digital journalism students should follow, message me @SarahMarshall (I accept DMs) and I’ll consider adding. Back in 2012 I compiled a similar list when I was at Journalism.co.uk. First things first, what is a Facebook share? The success is the result of diving into the distributed model – and focusing on failures, said Frank. Kristine Lowe @KristineLoweKristine is a blogger and sharer of news industry tips and digital knowledge. Chartbeat noted in May that mobile direct traffic started to eclipse Facebook traffic, suggesting readers were going direct to sites rather than accessing via Facebook. By Sarah Marshall 4 Dec 2020, 12:51pm. I’ve adapted the wording and added my own tips and notes and expanded Jon’s 12 points into 13. Levers. But our owned and operated sites get zero traffic from Snapchat. For example, if student journalists all use Twitter, that’s a key distribution platform for Interhacktives.com. “If most shares are coming from friend shares, this is what your content should be focusing on,” he said. Janine Gibson @janinegibsonEx Guardian, now editor-in-chief of Buzzfeed UK. (It explains how to analyse data and calculate this.). I’ve concluded that my personal contacts don’t mind seeing journalism news, and I’m happy for professional contacts to see family pictures and updates.