[187][188][189][190][excessive citations] The Mayor of Madrid closed parks and public gardens. [62] There were two new positives in Extremadura, bringing the total to 6. [243], Economists estimate that the government deficit will increase from 2.6% in 2019 to 15% in 2020. [186] On 14 March, Asturias, Catalonia, Cantabria, Galicia, Madrid, Murcia and the Basque Country closed all shops except those selling food and basic necessities. date. [4][33][34] On 9 February, the second case involved a male British tourist in Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands, who contracted the disease after coming into contact with someone in France who subsequently tested positive. [76][261] Some say[who?] One of the actions was (as read by Santiago) to minimize disaffection to the Spanish Government. [31][32], Jan [173] On 13 April, some nonessential workers who are unable to telecommute will be allowed to return to work, although other social distancing measures will remain in place. [225] One cause of infection is the lack of adequate protective gear, leading some healthcare workers to make their own improvised gear. [199] Penalties were later increased with fines of €1,000 for a first offence up to €60,000 for a repeat offender. Jul According to this study based on sample of more than 63,000 people, Madrid and several provinces of Castilla–La Mancha and Castile and León would be the most affected areas with a percentage of infection greater than 10%On 6 July 2020, the results of the third and last wave of a Government of Spain nationwide seroprevalence study showed that about two million people, or 5.2% of the population, could have been infected during the pandemic, confirming the data from previous waves. [300], On 17 March, a 47-year-old male Spanish national doing business in Macau tested positive; he took Flight SU2501 from Madrid to Moscow on 15 March, and then the Flight SU204 from Moscow to Beijing. Police also set up 30,000 roadblocks to stop people from traveling. [259] The Regional Government of Andalusia has paid for sponsored content praising its handling of the coronavirus outbreak, some of which attribute federal initiatives to the Andalusian government. [81] Spain's stock index, IBEX 35, fell 14%, in the highest drop in history for one day. Jun Group stage Estadio La Cartuja de Sevilla Seville. Foot espagnol : retrouvez tous les scores de football en live des matchs espagnols. 4 = Ride It Regard. However, the debt-to-GDP ratio, government deficit, and unemployment are all higher than they were in 2008, leaving the government less room to manoeuver in its response to the crisis. [70] In the Community of Madrid 27 new positive cases of coronavirus brought the total up to 56, with five serious in intensive care. Vox posted a digitally altered image on social media of Gran Vía, Madrid filled with coffins. A criminal investigation is launched. Shakira & Anuel AA — Me Gusta (Official Video)Ya disponible! Blinding Lights The Weeknd. [99] The first case in the autonomous city of Ceuta was diagnosed. [231] By 18 April, more than 13,600 Spaniards in nursing homes who were probable or confirmed coronavirus cases had died, including ten percent of nursing home residents in the Community of Madrid, while at least 39,000 were infected according to incomplete figures as some communities were not deaggregating their figures. [38] In Catalonia, a 36-year-old Italian woman living in Spain, who visited Bergamo and Milan from 12 to 22 February, also tested positive in Barcelona. Last 15 days, On 31 January 2020, Spain confirmed its first COVID-19 case in La Gomera, Canary Islands. Phase 0 allowed people out of their homes for short walks and individual sports from 2 May[134], Phase 1 began on 11 May in 26 provinces and territories comprising about half of the Spanish population. However, citizens are still permitted to travel to work and buy essential items, and religious services are allowed under certain conditions. 19 décembre 2020 Liga / FC Barcelone – Valencia CF : El Partidazo de la J1️⃣4️⃣ ! [42][43] In the Valencian Community, a man from Villarreal, who recently travelled to Milan, tested positive and was admitted to Hospital Universitario De La Plana, Castellón. [60] In Castile and León five new cases in one day brought the total to eight people affected by coronavirus in the region. [242] Employment in Spain saw its largest historical drop in a month in March, with close to 900,000 people losing their jobs between 12 March and 31 March. [214], The coronavirus has caused a spike in cybercrime;[215] phishing scams imitating the Ministry of Health have targeted WhatsApp users[216] as of 10 April, the National Police Corps has discovered 12,000 fraudulent websites targeting Spaniards. 6 = Liar Camila Cabello. [27][28] Spain was the second country in Europe (behind Russia) to record half a million cases. 3 = Memories Maroon 5. Get a report of the Portugal vs. Spain 2020 International Friendly football match. [147] A number of restrictions were imposed, including closing nightclubs, banning smoking outdoors if social distancing was not possible, and compulsory wearing of face masks in public. The cabinet discussed proposals to offer zero-interest loans to tenants to pay rent so smaller landlords who depend on rent income can stay afloat. At the end of July, the Spanish newspaper El País reported 44,868 deaths caused by COVID-19, whereas the Government's death toll figure at that moment was 28,000. 9 = Ritmo The Black Eyed Peas & J Balvin. [163], Some autonomous communities announced emergency measures on the same day. Read the latest music news on rock, pop, country, jazz, rap, hip hop and more, get ringtones and lyrics. [177] Following this, President of the Government of the Balearic Islands, Francina Armengol, would announce that after receiving the approval of the Spanish government, her government will proceed to the closure of all airports and ports in the region, with "a few exceptions". [16] The state of alarm ended on 21 June. The general explained his comments by clarifying that political criticism is not prosecuted but fake news. The plan has four phases, numbered 0 through 3, and each of the phases 1 through 3 will last at least two weeks. 1. Email. [223] The Community of Madrid has asked the Military Emergencies Unit to enter the Cañada Real, the largest illegal slum in a European city, and provide assistance, because the poor living conditions there make self-isolation difficult. [293] On 10 March, a further case was detected and the following day (11 March) another three cases. [100], On 17 March, PM Pedro Sánchez announces a support package of more than 200 billion euros, almost 20% of the Spanish GDP, to cushion the impact of the coronavirus crisis. Even before the crisis, safety violations occurred frequently. [210], On 6 March, EFE reported that myths related to the coronavirus were spreading through the country. [149] The country had the highest rate of infection in Europe, with 145 new cases per 100,000 population in the two weeks before 21 August 2020, compared to 51 in France and 21 in the UK. Defense minister Margarita Robles said anyone guilty of neglect will be prosecuted. [179] Movement between provinces will be forbidden at least until the end of June. [303][305][306] On 7 March, the Ministry of Health estimated that the actual number of cases is at least 15 times higher than the number of confirmed cases. Oct [161] Under the state of alarm, the central government retains all powers and all police are under the control of the Interior Ministry. Sep [219] As of 31 March, intensive care units in Cataluña, Madrid, Castilla–La Mancha, and Castilla y León were at or over 80% capacity, despite efforts to triple the number of beds available; most of the patients were suffering from coronavirus. [37] On 24 February, following a COVID-19 outbreak in Italy, a medical doctor from Lombardy, Italy, who was on holiday in Tenerife, tested positive at the University Hospital of the Nuestra Señora de Candelaria in Spain. 20 décembre 2020; Valencia est-elle la meilleure cantera d’Espagne ? [151], On 4 September, the country reported a new record of 10,476 new cases in a day. [30], On 12 January, the World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed that a novel coronavirus was the cause of a respiratory illness in a cluster of people in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China, who had initially come to the attention of the WHO on 31 December 2019. Apr [82], On 13 March, Prime Minister of Spain Pedro Sánchez announced a declaration of a nationwide State of Alarm for 15 days, to become effective the following day after the approval of the Council of Ministers. Le Real, tenant du titre, affrontera Bilbao à Malaga le 14 janvier, … [11] By late March, the Community of Madrid has recorded the most cases and deaths in the country. [256] The King Felipe VI addressed a message to the nation in a special speech for the second time in his reign and the sixth by a monarch in 40 years of democracy. [135] It includes the opening of small shops, of terraces at 50% capacity, and of places of worship at one-third capacity. [175] On 12 March, all traffic between Morocco and Spain was suspended. Infos principales, déclas et XI […] [93][97] The announcement came following significant increases in the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Spain, increasing by 66% from 3,146 cases to 5,232 cases on 13 March 2020. Shakira \u0026 Anuel AA — Me Gusta (Official Video)Ya disponible! From 2020-05-31 deaths only include people whose death was registered within 24 hours of the death taking place. WhatsApp. [12] On 25 March, the official death toll in Spain surpassed that of mainland China. Officials have blamed socialising by young people for the increase. [137], On 10 March, the Ministry of Culture ordered the closing of its buildings in Madrid, including the museums of El Prado, Reina Sofía, Thyssen, the Spanish Filmoteca Española, Archaeological and Anthropological museums, as well as the National Library and the Royal Palace among others. [292], On 8 March, Portugal confirmed a case originating from Spain. Instead, the government will distribute masks on public transport and attempt aggressive contact tracing to reduce the spread of the virus. [226][219] Twelve nurses and doctors have died of the illness. [24][25] There may also be as many as 15,815 more deaths according to the Spanish Ministry of Health monitoring system on daily excess mortality (Sistema de Monitorización de la Mortalidad Diaria - MoMo). Figures for recoveries have not been updated since 2020-05-17. [212] On 28 March, children and young people who obeyed social distancing by staying at home were applauded by Spanish residents for doing their part to combat the epidemic. [119] On 30 March, Fernando Simón, the head of Spain's Centre for Health Emergencies and the public face of the government's response because of his daily briefings, tested positive for the virus and temporarily resigned. [311], The number of deaths by COVID is also an underestimate because only confirmed cases are considered, and because many people die at home or in nursing homes without being tested. [72] In the Valencian Community, four new cases were confirmed, bringing the number of infected to 19 cases. [229], During the pandemic, the healthcare system is using triage, reserving ventilators for younger and healthier individuals because of the poor prognosis for survival. Many masses were suspended. C’est sur Eurosport que la Vuelta 2020 est à suivre. 8 = Circles Post Malone. Jan Une défaite serait obligatoirement synonyme d’élimination dans la plus grande des compétitions européennes. Sep ;[178] the Canary Islands would restrict flights between the peninsula and its islands. [198] An opinion piece published by The New York Times blamed the high number of victims on the slow governmental response against the virus, focusing on three causes: a stressed health care system impoverished since the 2008 economic crisis, having to unify the 17 autonomous communities' healthcare systems on a central command, and having an elderly population. Livraison gratuite (voir cond.). [164] The government of Murcia announced the confinement of more than 500,000 people in coastal municipalities. [110][111] The President of the Region of Murcia orders the cessation of all non-essential economic activities, a decision later revoked by the central government. [251] The Parliament of Andalusia, regional parliament of Andalusia, suspended its activities for a week after a deputy in the regional chamber from Vox was confirmed positive. [142] As of 15 June 2020[update], 75% of the Spanish population was on phase 3 and several provinces entered the "new normality" phase. [222], Austerity measures, enacted by the previous government of Mariano Rajoy which cut billions of euros from health budgets, were blamed by some experts for reducing the capacity of the healthcare system. On 7 September 2020, the number of cases reported reached over half a million, the second country in Europe to reach this milestone after Russia. Déc 13, 2020. [98] The "extraordinary decision", according to the PM Pedro Sánchez, is necessary as Spain deals with a "health, social and economic crisis". Classement en temps réel des titres les plus téléchargés sur iTunes en Espagne (Spain). Part of the reason is that essential workers, who have kept going to work despite the epidemic, are likely to work in low-skill jobs such as supermarkets or elder care. [228], Many nursing homes in Spain are understaffed because they are for-profit businesses and elderly Spaniards cannot necessarily afford sufficient care;[163] the salary for most workers is less than €1,000 per month. The percentage was higher than 11% in the provinces of Soria (14.2), Cuenca (13.5), Segovia (12.6), Albacete (11.6), Madrid (11.3) and Ciudad Real (11.1), but still substantially below the 60% suggested to be needed to achieve herd immunity. [242] According to an article in El País, house prices in some parts of Spain have seen significant declines, although few sales are occurring due to the lockdown. [45][46], On 26 February, the first reported case in Andalusia was confirmed in Seville, the first case of community transmission reported in Spain. [248], Javier Ortega Smith, member of Vox, tested positive after his party hosted a large meeting with sympathizers on 8 March,[249] leading the Congress of Deputies and the Senate to suspend their parliamentary activity for a period of a week with 52 Vox's lawmakers asked to stay at home. [240] The pandemic has also influenced Spain's fragile economy and finances, with economist Toni Roldán saying the country will need €200bn in loans from the European Stability Mechanism. [4] Post-hoc genetic analysis has shown that at least 15 strains of the virus had been imported, and community transmission began by mid-February. [244] As of 28 March, Goldman Sachs was predicting a double-digit GDP decline for Spain. [47] The next day, eight cases of Italian origin and one from Iran were reported, in Catalunya, Castile and León, and Valencia. [211] Panic buying occurred by 10 March. [184] The Sagrada Família, in Barcelona, closes for tourists and construction workers. [44], A retrospective analysis of 28 complete genetic sequences of the virus showed that by 14–18 February at least two different strains were already circulating in Spain, which means there were multiple introductions of the virus to Spain and not a single patient zero. [303] In March, the Community of Madrid estimated 4,260 people have died in nursing homes with coronavirus symptoms (out of 4,750 total deaths in the homes), but only 781 were diagnosed and counted as COVID fatalities. May On 16 March, he took Flight NX001 from Beijing to Macau, arriving at Macau Airport at 8:00 pm the same day.